Monday, 25 February 2013

Blog Retirement

I'm retiring this blog. It's really a matter of a bit of a lack of creative inspiration. I feel like I've been plodding along for a while; the only posts I find the time to put up are a few beer reviews and they're not really what I wanted to write - if only because they are rarely as interesting as broader musings about beer and pubs and all that stuff that I read about on other blogs!

Having said that I do fully intend to carry on writing blog posts, they are just going to be slightly less beer-centred, although I do hope they will be at least as successful (if that's the right word) as this beer blog has been.

Thanks to those of you that take the time to read my meanderings, and I hope you'll do the same over at my combined blog at its new home under Drinks Advice. A warning though - there might be a fair bit of whisky involved, for the simple reason that I'm spending more and more of my time embroiled in the world of whisky, and enjoying myself immensely.

Cheers. I'll leave the last words to my daughter; she learns fast...

PS. If anyone fancies adding my new blog to their blog-roll that would be appreciated. Hopefully I've updated everyone on to the new roll, if I've missed you give me a shout and I'll sort it.


  1. good idea to combine under one banner, i just post whatever under beersiveknown anyway ;)

    blogroll updated

    1. Yeah, it was your conversion to Kiwi wines that showed me the way. ;)

      Cheers Steve!